What is the Perceptual Filters Assessment?

The Ultimate Performance Assessment that Decodes and Reveals Human Potential - for Yourself and Others

Our Perceptual Filters Assessments are able to uncover the unique ways individuals perceive and interpret the world around them, influencing their decision-making, communication, and behavior.

Perfect for boosting personal and team performance and culture, transforming workplace dynamics and individual development.

4 Program Categories

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Human Behavior

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Perceptual Filter Programs are Organized Under Four Distinct Behavioral Categories.

There are 60 Perceptual Filters in total.

Learn About the Four Categories of Programs Below

Thinking Programs

The 18 Thinking Programs encompass the cognitive processes and patterns individuals use to interpret, analyze, and understand their environment. These programs include how we process information, solve problems, and generate ideas. In a business context, understanding these programs can help tailor training and development programs, enhance decision-making processes, and foster innovation.

For example, recognizing whether an employee excels in linear thinking versus lateral thinking can lead to more effective task assignments and team compositions, optimizing productivity and creative output.

Emotional Programs

The 15 Emotional Programs relate to the ways individuals experience, regulate, and express emotions. These programs influence how people respond to stress, change, and interpersonal interactions. In the workplace, awareness of these emotional patterns can improve emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, and employee well-being.

For instance, identifying employees who thrive under pressure versus those who require stability can help managers create a supportive environment that minimizes stress and maximizes employee engagement and satisfaction.

Choosing Programs

The 14 Choosing Programs encompass the strategies and preferences that underlie decision-making and preference formation. This includes how individuals weigh options, make commitments, and set priorities.

For businesses, understanding employees' choosing programs can enhance leadership effectiveness, decision-making frameworks, and strategic planning. Tailoring decision-making processes to align with the natural choosing styles of team members can lead to faster, more cohesive, and effective decision outcomes, benefiting project management and strategic initiatives.

Semantic Driver Programs

The 13 Semantic Driver Programs focus on the motivational and meaning-making aspects of behavior, including what drives individuals to action and how they find purpose and value in their activities. These programs are crucial for understanding employee motivation, job satisfaction, and engagement. In practice, aligning job roles and responsibilities with an individual's semantic drivers can significantly boost motivation, performance, and retention.

For example, an employee driven by achievement and recognition will likely perform better in roles that offer clear milestones and acknowledgment of their successes.

What are and Why use

Perceptual Filters Assessments?

Unlike other assessments, Perceptual Filters offer a unique lens that no others offer into Human Behavior to understand the intricate ways individuals process information, make decisions, and interact with the world around them, leading to more effective communication, enhanced team dynamics, and personalized development strategies. By leveraging these insights, organizations and individuals can unlock a deeper level of empathy and efficiency, paving the way for transformative growth and improved performance.

See for yourself below all the ways our

Perceptual Filters Assessments can help.

Workplace Culture

If you need:
to enhance workplace culture and develop strategies for effective communication and relationship building.

Team Building

If you need:
to build stronger teams and find the best ways to work together

Personal development

If you need:

to learn and understand more about your own behavior and how it impacts your life and work


If you need:
to hire the right people and set them up to succeed

Conflict Management

If you need:
your team to develop better emotional intelligence, conflict management and communications skills

Sales Training

If you need:

to improve sales skills throughout your organization

Management Training

If you need:
to improve workplace culture and foster better communication and teamwork


If you need:
to create stronger teams and find the most effective ways to work together.

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Are there discounts for purchasing more then one?

Yes. In fact we encourage that you, along with everyone on your team take a full assessment. Please reach out to us directly for bulk discounts.

Can I get a sample?

Absolutely! Try before you buy. Send us a message via our contact page and we will get a sample right out ot you.

Is a consultation included?

If you are reading this, then yes it is. That might change in the future but for now a personalized consultation is included at no extra cost.

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Satisfaction is guarenteed. Should you be unhappy please request a no questions asked refund.

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