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At Ayro Mindset Performance Specialists, we focus on enhancing mindset and performance for individuals, groups, and teams, drawing inspiration from advanced concepts in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Neuro-Semantics, Self-Actualization principles, psychology and behavioral science. Our offerings include personalized performance coaching, interactive workshops, and engaging seminars. We employ strategies that promote effective communication, resilience, and peak performance. Our services are designed not only to improve professional skills, and performance they also foster personal growth, ensuring that participants are well-equipped to navigate and excel in both professionally and personally.

We Beleive

We believe that an organization's greatest asset is its people. We also believe in the visionary nature of successful leaders who view change as an opportunity for growth.

Organizations that strategically focus on leadership, fostering a strong culture, nurturing talent, and continuously upskilling their workforce are the ones that achieve the highest levels of success and impact.


Our purpose is to grow people and positivly tranform the dynamics of work, leadership, and communication. We aim to unleash the full potential of individuals, contributing to a brighter future for all.

We strive to kindle a spirit of compassion, empathy, and integrity in people's professional and personal lives. By empowering individuals to lead intentional lives of purpose, choice and mindfulness, we endeavor to be a catalyst for positive change in the world.


Our mission is centered on assisting our clients to enact significant and enduring changes that not only enhance their own lives but also positively impacts the lives of those they come into contact with.

Our focus is on nurturing increased self-awareness and social consciousness in individuals and organizations, paving the way for sustainability and long-term success.

We equip people with practical skills and insight that fosters adaptability, innovation, resilience, and prosperity, empowering them to thrive and realize their full potential.


At Ayro Mindset, with our founder having over twenty years of experience in people-focused practices, we specialize in enhancing individual and group communication. Our human-centric approach melds seamlessly with various methodologies, models, and management techniques, all integral to the Ayro Mindset philosophy.

Our expertise rests in the collaborative creation and execution of solutions that not only develop essential skills and leadership principles but also foster mindsets conducive to growth and transformation. This approach is pivotal in achieving peak performance.

We provide training and coaching programs centered on performance, imparting vital skills and knowledge necessary for driving value and attaining personal and organizational goals, underscored by a commitment to continuous growth and transformation.

Our Values

At Ayro Mindset Performance Specialists, we prioritize the interests of our clients first, ensuring that their needs and aspirations are always at the forefront. We operate with high ethical standards and maintain confidentiality, fostering a relationship based on trust and integrity.

As advisors, we offer an independent perspective to effectively address and resolve issues. Our approach is grounded in honesty, emphasizing authenticity and transparency in all our dealings. This allows us to build lasting relationships characterized by diversity, inclusion, and respect.

Our commitment to performance is holistic. We believe in the potential of continuous growth and success through collaboration, both internally and with our clients. This belief is rooted in our passion for client success, ensuring that we provide tailored, innovative solutions.

We are dedicated to helping individuals and organizations.

By imparting practical skills, and new insights, we empower our clients to be adaptive, innovative, resilient, and prosperous. Our programs are designed to drive value and help clients reach their individual and organizational goals, ultimately leading to peak performance and success.

In essence, Ayro Mindset Performance Specialists are not just about delivering solutions but also about nurturing a culture of continuous improvement, creative problem-solving, and result-driven excellence.

Our History and Present

"Master Your Mind to Master Your Performance" by Geoffrey Schmidt (founder) at Ayro Mindset™ encapsulates a transformative journey for individuals and corporate teams towards unlocking their potential.

Rooted in a belief that true performance is achieved by tapping into inner capabilities, Geoffrey's method fosters mindsets that lead to peak performance.

His entrepreneurial spirit, evident in founding and scaling successful businesses, brings a unique perspective to his role as a Mindset Performance Specialist. His experiences, coupled with training in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and high-performance coaching, guide his approach in empowering people to align personal and professional goals for optimized performance.

Geoffrey's journey, from establishing a renowned surfing company to scaling a popular cosmetics brand, highlights his belief in the power of mindset and performance strategy.

Today, drawing from over two decades of entrepreneurship and life experiences, he helps individuals and organizations reach new performance heights. His programs focus on both high and low performers, creating safe growth spaces, setting challenging goals, and aligning personal growth with organizational objectives. This approach not only fosters a culture of continuous improvement but also ensures that every team member benefits from personal and professional development.

Geoffrey Schmidt's work at Ayro Mindset™ is about empowering individuals and teams with the mindset to break free from limiting beliefs and achieve peak performance, ensuring profound personal and professional growth.

You are in Good Company

I had the great fortune of meeting Geoff. He's been spot-on with his guidance, support, insight, relatability, and brings understanding and empathy.

Adam Barah

Founder / President

Suite Centric

Geoffrey is an excellent consultant. He has helped me and my team achieve better results. His experience of creating and growing companies is so key.

Nancy Martinez

Founder / President

LIVE 13.5


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