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Benefit from a revolutionary approach to sustainaibly increasing performance holisitcially in yourself, your team and your business / organization.

Performance Coaching, Consulting & Support

Leveraging cutting-edge advancements in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Self-Actualization principles by Maslow, Neuro-Semantics, and Peak Performance strategies, our programs are designed to steer both individuals and organizations towards discovering and fulfilling their utmost potential, ultimately leading them to achieve exceptional performance and results in all desired areas.

Workshops, Trainings & Team Building

Are you prepared to elevate your team's performance in Sales, Leadership, Operations, and beyond?

Invite Geoffrey to conduct a half-day or full-day workshop, a powerful gesture that demonstrates your investment in your team's growth and well-being. Our workshops, trainings and team-building programs are meticulously crafted to maximize your team's efficiency and output, ensuring they perform at their peak.

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Keynote Speaking & Seminars

Do you have a particular theme you'd like Geoffrey to highlight in your next event?

Reach out to us to either have Geoffrey tailor his expertise to your unique needs or choose from our range of engaging, ready-to-deliver topics.

Each session is crafted to energize, enlighten, and motivate your team, group, or organization. Contact us now to ignite a transformative experience for your team!

Behavioral Filters Assessments

The significance of understanding (Behavioral) Perceptual Filters within the Ayro Mindset Growth Method™ is profound.

These filters are essentially the lenses through which individuals see the world, shaping their interpretations, reactions, and decisions.

Recognizing and understanding these filters is vital in the Ayro Method as it allows for a more personalized and effective performance strategy.

The Ayro Mindset Way

Our Experience

With over 20 + years of leadership and business experience, including founding and successfully exiting multiple companies, our approach to mindset and performance optimization is deeply rooted in real-world success. Our training leverages this extensive background, combining practical business insights with advanced techniques in NLP, Self Actualization principles by Maslow, Neuro Semantics, Hypnosis, and High Performance Coaching. Our goal is to empower your team with the same strategies that fueled our growth and success, putting you on a solid track to enhanced performance, success, and profitability.

Our Approach

Leveraging the Ayro Mindset Growth Method™ our process is a transformative journey from start to success. It begins with comprehensive onboarding, understanding your needs and goals. We focus on bridging the gap between knowledge and action, guiding teams toward performance optimization and translating passion into achievements. Our work targets the elimination of performance blocks, integrating personalized support with strategic planning and feedback. We measure success using both quantitative and qualitative metrics, ensuring goals are met and embedding long-term high-performance habits. This holistic approach ensures continuous improvement and adaptability to future challenges.

Why Us?

Choosing the right clients is essential for us, as we're dedicated to providing the tailored guidance and support you need. If you're looking for a strategic partner with unique skills and tools, let's connect. Together, we'll craft and fine-tune your success strategy. Success is a journey we embark on together, and with our support, you're not alone on this path.

Ayro Mindset Growth Method

The Ayro Mindset Growth Method ™ is a proprietary transformative approach combining NLP, High Performance Coaching, and Neuro-Semantics, aligned with Self-Actualization principles from Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. It focuses on personal and organizational growth by promoting sustainable positive change. This method enhances self-actualization and mental-emotional balance, leading to sustainable peak performance. It's tailored to empower individuals and teams, fostering long-lasting excellence in the areas it's applied.

You are in Good Company

I had the great fortune of meeting Geoff. He's been spot-on with his guidance, support, insight, relatability, and brings understanding and empathy.

Adam Barah

Founder / President

Suite Centric

Geoffrey is an excellent consultant. He has helped me and my team achieve better results. His experience of creating and growing companies is so key.

Nancy Martinez

Founder / President

LIVE 13.5

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through Mindful Practices

Our training produces impactful leaders, confident professionals, and energized organizations.


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